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Cylinder Inspection Services

Our unvented cylinder service can keep your heating system at peak performance and ensure your warranty remains valid. 

  • Unvented cylinder annual inspection
  • Hot water cylinders serviced for maximum efficiency and safety
  • Fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineer for Tamworth, Lichfield and surrounding areas

  • Validate manufacturer warranty
  • Cylinder replacements and installs

  • Safety measures for property damage protection and COVID-19 sanitising



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We maintain and service hot water tanks in Tamworth, Lichfield, Birmingham and surround areas. Keep your cylinder under warranty to avoid any hefty costs later Fixed price for call out and service – no hidden costs. Top rated on Trustpilot as reliable and skilled Gas Safe heating engineer


Unvented Cylinder Annual Inspection

Hot water cylinder not working efficiently?                                                   

Moved into a new build home?                               

Need to validate your manufacturer’s warranty?

We are here to help with our annual hot water tank and cylinder services around Tamworth, Lichfield, Birmingham and local areas.

Annual inspection of your unvented hot water cylinder with regular maintenance is important to keep your tank running at the best efficiency. It will also ensure your cylinder operates safely due to the possible dangers associated with water stored at high temperature in a sealed and pressurised container.

As G3 qualified and Gas Safe engineers, we provide yearly inspections and service of your unvented cylinder, allowing you to validate the manufacturer’s warranty.

What is involved in a Cylinder Inspection?

We conduct full operational and pressure tests on the cylinder and assess any concerns you may have raised regarding the efficiency or operation of the cylinder.

Our yearly cylinder inspection is extensive and includes checks such as:

  • Making sure installation conforms to building safety regulations
  • Visual check for defects
  • Pressure checks of the expansion vessel
  • Line strainer cleaning
  • Seals checked and replaced if necessary
  • Expansion valves, temperate and pressure relief are operating correctly
  • No drainage blocks, tundish discharges correctly
  • Interlocks and external controls operate correctly via system override
  • Correct functioning of the thermostat
  • Operation of immersion heater, and load checked
  • Condition of the electrical housing and wiring
  • System anode tested
  • Condition of flexible hoses
  • DWH 2 port valves assessed
  • Controllers operating effectively

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